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Intellectual Property

All information and contents on this website are protected by copyright in the name of Spumador. All rights reserved.

The following terms and conditions, further to all laws and regulations applicable to this website, internet or the World Wide Web are applicable to all users of this website.

Spumador maintains this website for entertainment, information, educational and communication purposes. Downloading of materials from this website is permitted for personal and non-commercial use only, on the condition that this website ownership document or other information relating to the downloaded material is attached to the document. All distribution, amendments, transmission, reprocessing, publishing on other websites or any form of utilisation of the contents of this web website for public or commercial purposes are strictly prohibited without written authorisation by Spumador.

Access and use of our website infers that the user shall acknowledges the terms and conditions and any applicable laws in force. Access and navigation of our website infers that the user unconditionally accepts the aforementioned terms and conditions which supersedes all other written or verbal agreements that may have occurred between Spumador and the user.

Terms and Definitions
  1. All content and images on this website are protected by copyright, unless otherwise specified and use of the same is only permitted in accordance with these terms and conditions or what specified in the text or the website or following written authorisation by Spumador. Spumador does not guarantee that the use of material on this website will not infringe the rights of any third parties unrelated to Spumador.

  2. Spumador takes all possible precautions to only include accurate and updated information on this website. In any case, Spumador does not provide any form of guarantee concerning the accuracy and timeliness of the material on this website, and cannot be held accountable for any errors or omissions relating thereto.

  3. The user is full responsible for the use and navigation of this website. Spumador and its employees, directors, agents, employees or other third parties involved in creating, producing or publishing of the website can not be held liable for any damages to the user after accessing or using this website. Notwithstanding the foregoing statements, Spumador hereby declares that the website is made available to users under these present conditions, without any form of express or implied accountability, in relation to, by way of example only, commercial guarantees, adaptation for a particular or legitimate purpose. Spumador also disclaims all responsibility and therefore can not be held accountable for any damage or viruses that may be found on the user’s computer or other user property after accessing and navigating the website, following the use of material contained therein or the downloading of video and/or audio material, text, images or information found on this website.

  4. Any communication or material sent to this website via e-mail or other similar means will be classified as non-confidential and not protected by intellectual property rights. Anything that users send or publish on the website become the property of Spumador who therefore is entitled to use the same for any legitimate purpose. Spumador will also be entitled to use for any purpose it sees fit, any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in any communication sent by users to the website.

  5. All images of people or places published on the website will be considered as the property of Spumador and in any case used with the authorisation and permission of the copyright holder. The use of these images is prohibited unless performed under these terms and conditions or otherwise indicated on the website.

  6. The trademarks, logos, trade names (the "Marks") found on this website are registered or unregistered trademarks belonging to Spumador or the respective companies to which they belong. The contents of this website cannot imply the granting of permission or licenses, express or implied, to the use of these trademarks in any manner possible. The use of these Marks without the consent of the Company to which they belong is expressly prohibited.

  7. Spumador disclaims all liability for the content of other websites that may be accessed from its own website via "links". Users are hence fully responsible for using such links to access other websites or pages on other websites without any authorisation by Spumador.

  8. Spumador reserves the right to monitor or review, from time to time, each interactive section of the website. In any case, Spumador assumes no obligation to perform such activities and assumes no responsibility for the content of these sections of the website. In particular, it assumes no responsibility for the presence of materials uploaded by third parties to these sections whose contents may infringe the law, be them defamatory, obscene, abusive, slanderous, false, pornographic, profane, harmful, inaccurate, etc.. In any case, the user is expressly prohibited from posting or uploading to such sections of the website and, more generally, any part of the website, materials of the type described above or, in any case, any material that could be considered as infringement of existing laws.

  9. Spumador reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions. Users will still be obliged to comply with the terms and conditions published at the time they access the website.

Informative Note
Spumador gives priority to the privacy of its users (the “Users”) and guarantees that the processing of personal via the (the “website”) will respect the data subjects’ rights, particularly with regard to confidentiality, personal identity and the right to personal data protection. To this purpose, Spumador had adopted and implemented a Privacy Policy to cover the management procedures for the website in question regarding the processing of personal data of those who visit it. This Privacy Policy provides the Informative Note in pursuance with Art. 13 of the Personal Data Protection Act in accordance with L.D. 196 dated June 30th 2003 (the “Code”).

Data Processing Controller
The Data Controller is Spumador SpA, with registered office in Via alla Fonte, 13, 22071 Caslino al Piano (CO), Tel. 031.886.111 Fax 031. 904.689 E-mail The person responsible for processing such data, in accordance with Article 29 of the Code, is Mr. Riccardo Clerici who can be contacted should you decide to exercise the rights assigned to users in Article 7 of the same Code.
Personal data will be archived at the Data Controller's head office for the term indicated in the reference standard.
Definition of “Personal Data”
The term "personal data", for the purpose of this Privacy Policy, as explained in Article 4 of the Code, refers to “any information relating to natural or legal persons, bodies or associations that are or can be identified, even indirectly, by reference to any other information including a personal identification number”.

This Privacy Policy applies to User personal data collected from the website. Furthermore, this Privacy Policy does not apply to other websites owned by third parties, which can be accessed via links on our website

Types of data processed and processing methods
Spumador collects certain personal information from Users such as their name, surname, email address, User ID and password, hence the aggregated information collected while browsing the website, or other personal information voluntarily provided by Users during the registration phase or when submitting requests for goods or services offered by the website or requests for information sent by email to the website.

The website is accessible to users without them providing their personal data. However, some parts of the website will be accessible to registered users only.

The User's personal information can, therefore, be processed using electronic systems, (i) when browsing the website, (ii) at the time of registration with the website (which is mandatory in order to use the services or buy goods offered by the same), (iii ) when submitting requests and orders for specific goods or services.
Moreover, when a user contacts us to request information, we collect his personal information in order to provide him with an answer

Navigation data

The data processing systems and software procedures used by this website acquire some personal data, during their normal functions, the transmission of which is implicit when using Internet communication protocols.

This refers to information which is not collected to be associated with identified parties, but due to their nature could, permit the identification of the user if they are elaborated and associated with data held by third parties.

This category of data includes IP addresses or computer dominium names used by the users to connect to the website, the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses of the requested resources, the time of request, the method used to make the request to the server, the size of the file received in reply, numerical code indicating the status of the reply given by the server (successful, error etc.) and other parameters of the operating system and the environment used by the User.

Spumador raccoglie anche i dati personali inseriti nei form di registrazione o di richiesta di beni o servizi, nonché inoltrati a Spumador tramite posta elettronica o compilazione di apposita form. The data could be used to ascertain responsibility in the case of any hypothetical electronic crimes which damage the website:

Data provided spontaneously by the User

Spumador also collects personal data included in the registration form or requests for goods or services, and submitted to Spumador via email or when filling out the appropriate form.
This is primarily information needed to provide Users with the goods or services requested or to contact them in response to a request for information.

Personal data placed automatically on the computers of Users (Cookies)

Spumador may foresee the retention of certain User personal data on his computer. These text files are called cookies, and allow Spumador to facilitate the navigation of its website for Users.

Moreover, when registration is required, Users are assigned User IDs and passwords, and they are allowed to choose whether or not they should be logged by their PC so they do not need to log on every time they visit the website. This implies the installation of a cookie on your computer.
Most Internet browsers give you the possibility to check which cookies are to be stored on the hard drive, block all cookies or receive a warning each time a cookie is installed. It should be noted, however, that in some cases, failure to install a cookie may prevent you from accessing certain areas of the website.

Spumador also uses the so-called ‘session cookies’, which are not permanently stored on your computer and disappear when the browser is closed. Their use, however, is strictly limited to the transmission of session identification data which is required to guarantee safe and efficient browsing on the website. These cookies do not allow the acquisition of the User’s personal identification data.

Purpose of processing personal data.
Spumador will process Users personal data for the following purposes:

  1. For requirements relating to authorization, enabling and personalization of accesses to various areas of the website and its contents;

  2. For requirements regarding the signing and execution of a contract at the request of the User and to implement a service or an operation within the scope of the Company’s business.

  3. In particular, Spumador organizes games, competitions and contests: participation in these initiatives requires registration with the website. The execution of these obligations necessarily implies that such data will be accessed (or such data will be distributed to) by employees working in the operational and sales departments at Spumador, further to employees of other independent companies providing relative services.

  4. For commercial development purposes, including the analysis of customer relations and marketing services, where User consent has been granted. For example, Spumador may send e-mails to the User’s address with updates and information about products or promotions or games and contests organized by the same.

Apart from information provided on the navigation data, the User is entitled to grant or deny access to his personal data on the website registration forms or when requesting goods or services on offer on the website, and even when requesting information on the website by e-mail.

When access to personal data is denied this will generate the following consequences:
  1. in the above cases a) and b) (access to certain areas of the Website, signing of contracts requested by Users, participation in Corporate initiatives) if personal data is not provided, this will make it impossible for the User to access the reserved areas on the Website or take part in the initiative or receive the goods or services requested.

  2. in case c) (promotional activities) if personal data is not provided, Spumador will not be able to send the User any promotional or sales information.

Communication and/or Dissemination of Personal Data
User personal data collected by Spumador via the website will be accessed by the departments and employees of Spumador formally designated to such duties and referred to as the Data Processors or Designated Officers. Moreover, the User’s personal data can be disclosed to companies providing the goods or services available on the Website, pursuant to signed contract obligations requested by the User or to provide the service requested by the User.

Personal data of users can also be communicated, when consent is granted by the User – to holding, subsidiary and/or associated companies belonging to the same Group, for promotional and direct marketing purposes.

The data may also be disseminated to group or third party companies in an aggregate and anonymous form for statistical purposes. For instance, the average age of those visiting the Website or the number of visitors from specific geographic area may be disseminated. In any case, no data will allow Users to be identified.

Moreover, the data can be communicated to third parties during disposals, mergers or acquisition of capital. If any such reorganization takes place, the personal data of Users may be shared with the current or future investors. In such cases Spumador will obtain a written pledge that the personal data will be processed using a suitable level of protection and, in any case, in compliance with the laws in force.

No personal data will be disseminated or communicated without the consent of the data subject except where foreseen by the laws in force or this Privacy Policy.

Protection of Personal Data
Spumador protects personal data by adopting all safety measures required by the Privacy Code. There are measures which prevent the access to personal data and the website by unauthorised third parties or the unauthorised use or registration of personal data. User IDs, passwords and credit card numbers are protected by an encryption system (Secure Sockets Layer - "SSL" or similar).

User Rights Concerning Their Personal Data
Users who have submitted their personal data as foreseen by this Informative Note are granted all rights assigned by the Code.

In particular, they may contact the Data Controller, or the person responsible for processing such data, to enforce their rights as foreseen by Art. 7 et seq. of the Code. In particular, data subjects are entitled at any time to request confirmation as to whether or not such data exits, and to be informed on the content and origin, check the accuracy or request integration, updating or rectification of the same pursuant to Art 7 of the Code. Pursuant to this Article, data subjects are entitled to request the erasure, anonymisation or blocking of data which have been processed unlawfully, and oppose in any case, on legitimate grounds, the processing of the same.
All communications must be sent to the Data Controller, i.e. Spumador SpA, with registered office in Via alla Fonte, 13, 22071 Caslino al Piano (CO), Tel. 031.886.111 Fax 031. 904.689 E-mail

Amendments to the Informative Note
Spumador is entitled to amend the Informative Note in order to implement changes imposed at a national and/or community level, including those referring to technological innovations. All amendments will be disclosed on this web page and can be consulted using the link provided on the Home Page on this website. Users are advised to read the Informative Note every now and again to check whether Spumador has made any amendments to the same.

We ask you to read through the Privacy Policy and check it occasionally to see if the same has been updated or revised by the company.