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Juices 100% Superfruits

100% pure fruit juice not from concentrate. Good and healthy, it contains only fruit sugars, no colorants and no preservatives. Drink it every day, with a complete and balanced diet, helps you to have a more healthy and tasty lifestyle. Wild blueberry and cranberry, Goji and Pomegranate: the fruits of well-being to taste in the comfortable bottles of 125ml.

Juices 100%

Discover news tastier...The most delicious juice always ready at your home!
The more good fruit selected for a special tasting product. Natura Buona is a juice not from concentrate, it is1 00% fruit that, thanks to an innovative bottling process maintains the full and natural flavor of the fresh fruit, without the need to be stored in the refrigerator.

Sanattiva Nectars

The "classic" fruits in delicious nectars
Soft 100% natural, wholesome and tasty nectars, with no colourings or preservatives. Ideal for children, great at any time of the day, to give your body the valuable properties of fruit.

Sanattiva Mix

The right mix to make tastier your day!
Red and blue fruit juices, for consumers wellness oriented.

Sanattiva 20%

SanAttiva 20% fruits drinks are perfect for those looking for a natural and drink without sacrificing taste. Two new flavors with no colorants, preservatives, sweeteners and artificial flavors but with so much good fruit!

Sorsì fruit Beverage

So much taste, no bubbles!
A non-carbonated fruit drink, no preservatives, so refreshing and naturally now available in new tastes.

Smoothies Sanattiva

Pure blended fruit, nothing added!
The best fruit has been carefully blended especially for you to create a delicious creamy pure fruit smoothy with no added preservatives, colourings, sugars or flavours. SanAttiva is simply 100% great tasting perfectly ripened fruit. Nothing else. You can enjoy it at any time of the day: it is a healthy pleasure! These SanAttiva fruit smoothies help you meet your daily intake requirement of fruit in an easy and tasty way. Try the new Red flavour: a delicious blend of strawberries and raspberries! Add the flavours: Red, strawberry and raspberry , Yellow, mango and passion fruit and Blue, blackberries and blueberries. Give your day a minute of totally natural sweetness!