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Passione Italiana

From tradition to innovation of taste!
The smooth taste of chinotto di Savona and the researched one of the Gargano’s Femminello reinterprets the most famous Italian drinks, giving it a new and exciting flavor. For classic drinks and for their unique taste, we still use an ancient recipe for blending of herbs which twice a year are carefully selected and prepared in the essences room.

The unforgettable classics

Originality, authenticity and simplicity...
These are the key words for Spumador soft drinks: the best known expression of Italian tradition. Original recipes which are still cleverly prepared in the company’s wooden rooms to discover the pleasure of a unique taste.

Club Tonic

A bitter taste and sophisticated to satisfy a new generation.
No preservatives, for a premium product.

S. Francesco Soft Drinks

Quench your thirst the light way!
A wide range of flavours which are all low calorie, ideal for those who want to reduce their sugar intake without forsaking taste.

San Carlo Gusto Soft

The soft version of true taste
All the quality and genuine taste of San Carlo’s traditions, combined with low calorie content. Seven delicious and thirst-quenching tastes for those who love the lighter pleasures in life.

San Carlo Extrà Soft Drinks

An explosion of extra taste!
Its secret: the goodness of the products, the quality of the raw materials. And also... a wide range of flavours.

San Carlo Snell-Up

There is more taste when drinking light!
Seven drinks with an even richer flavour and, more importantly, with very few calories.

Sorsì Soft Drinks

The great classics at a small price!
A wide range of flavours which are all low calorie, now give you savings with the practical 2lt family size.


Your parties become colourful and enjoyable events!
The classic yellow Dorino or red Aperì: excellent on their own or when preparing cocktails, at home or with friends.

Eppy Soft Drinks

Pop the fun!!
Spumador enriches its range of products with fizzy drinks in sleek 33cl cans.


Spumador enters the market of energy drink with Megaforce in 25cl sleek cans.